Botulinum toxin injections into salivary glands to decrease oral secretions in CHARGE syndrome: Prospective case study

Welcome to BotoxDallasTX.com, the online source to find the best prices on Botox injections in Dallas, TX and the best prices on Botox Treatments in Dallas, TX. Botox can be used to enhance appearances and in some cases may help treat medical problems. If you are looking for the Premiere Dallas TX Botox clininc, visit our contact page to get started on a botox injection treatment that is affordable and performed by professionals. AbstractCHARGE syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the CHD7 gene on chromosome 8. Major clinical diagnostic criteria for this heterogeneous disorder include ocular coloboma, choanal atresia/stenosis, characteristic external and internal ear abnormalities, and cranial nerve abnormalities. Patients with CHARGE syndrome often have dysphagia and are at high risk for aspiration of both upper and lower gastrointestinal secretions. The following case‐report describes the use of Botulinum toxin A (Botox) to reduce excess salivary secretions in a ventilator dependant infant who would have required a tracheotomy. Thereafter, Botox was used regularly (4–5 months) to decrease the salivary secretions. This case‐report is unique in that it describes the intermittent and prospect…Visit NLI Med Spa

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